DDD authorizations made easy

Helping you manage service detail reports

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A screenshot of the dashboard, showing you the various charts and tables of data that help analyze current and expiring plans

No data entry

Authtable reads data from uploaded PDFs and translates it into data you can use


Receive email alerts when plans and authorizations are set to expire, upcoming lapses, and more.

Change tracking

Spot differences between plan versions, allowing you to see what changed for every new authorization you receive.

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Here's What You Get

With Authtable, you get access to a robust suite of powerful tools and components to help you keep track of your Service Detail Reports, quickly and easily.

File Upload

Its as easy as uploading a file. Authtable reads the text from the PDF and puts it into a structured database

Reports and exports

Run reports and export data out of Authtable for your own needs.


Differences between plan versions are identified, answering the "What's Changed?" question.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive alerts and notifications of plan expirations, lapses, and custom future alerts.

A screenshot of the plan details page of a client.  Some cells of a table are highlighted red indicating a change in plan details.

One plan, no hassle

Easy pricing means no suprises.

$ 49 /mo
  • Email and live support
  • Free updates and improvements
Who is Authtable for?

New Jersey DDD provider agencies that receive Service Detail Report authorizations for services provided to individuals with developmental/disabilities

Do you store the SDR documents?

Once a file is uploaded, parsed, and its data stored in the database, the file is discarded. File storage is an optional add-on.

Does this work for ISPs?

Currently, Authtable only reads and manages the service detail reports but incorporating ISPs into Authtable is under development.

Is there a demo?

You can trial Authtable for free for three months. Please get in touch to get started!